remote device checks

Hey List,
this is the first time i have come across this believe it or not,
93295,93296 billed every 91 days. from the october remote interrogation
Dr stated the next one be at 60 days to to reaching ERI.medicare of
course denied it, is there a modifier i should be using?

Sarah Tupper, CMC
Billing Supervisor
Mohawk Valley Cardiology, PC
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Utica, NY 13502
P: 315-624-8146
F: 315-624-8128


  • You can perform as many as medically necessary, you just can't bill more than once per 90 day period.

    Camille Laabs, CPC
    Hospital Billing Team Lead
    Pulse Heart Institute/Cardiac Study Center
    1901 S Cedar St  Ste 301
    Tacoma WA  98405
    253-572-7320 ext 3049
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