Please help... Dr. gave me 28264 & unlisted 28899 for the plantar plate repair. Does that sound right & what would be the comparison? 28645?   Description: Incision was placed over the 2nd MTP joint. Capsulorrhaphy was performed in line with the original incision directly with the MTP joint. The toe was then dislocated and a McGlamry elevator was used to lift the plantar plate of the periosteum of the 2nd MT head. The plantar plate was grasped medially with the FiberWire & laterally with a FiberWire loop. A 1.6 K-wire was then drilled from the dorsal medial to dorsal lateral & a suture passwer was passed through grapsing. The toe was then reduced & held with a K-wire through the phalanx & into the MT head.
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  • Are there any foot coders out there ?  I'm new to the foot coding and really need some help.  Thank you so much.
  • This sounds like a plantar plate repair only. What is the diagnosis? Per an inquiry to the AMA this is coded as unlisted.
  • Diagnosis is plantar plate tear and mtp dislocation.   Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.
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