Periprosthetic fx distal femur

Hello coders...I need your help please.  My patient has a right distal femur fracture due to a fall.  The doctor performed a ORIF of the distal femur.  I wanted to use the icd 10 codes T84.040A & W01.0XXA & cpt code 27514.  Unfortunately, with 27514 I can't use T84.040a.  Any sugguestions on the icd 10 code I should use.  It was due to accident that's why I picked the T code.  Thanks Donna


  • T84.040A is a deleted code. A periprosthetic fracture is now coded from the M97 series.
    Per the AHA coding clinic 2016:
    Periprosthetic fractures occur as a result of trauma or pathological conditions. A code for any
    underlying condition as well as a code for the specific type of fracture (traumatic or pathological)
    should also be assigned. If the reason for admission/encounter is the fracture, the specific type of fracture (traumatic or pathological) should be sequenced first and the periprosthetic fracture
    code should be sequenced as a secondary diagnosis code.
  • Thank you so very much for your help.
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