patellofemoral imbrication

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

PROCEDURE: Left knee tibial tubercle osteotomy with medial patellofemoral imbrication.

I coded this 27418 for the tibial tubercle osteotomy but the patellofemoral imbrication has me stumped.   The patellofemoral ligament was so lax he did not have to do a release, however, just performed an imbrication.  Would this be unlisted and if so compared to what?

The lateral viewing portal was extended inferiorly and the tibial tubercle was exposed. An osteotome was used to perform a tibial tubercle osteotomy. It was shifted approximately 1.5 cm medially and fixed with 3 Synthes 3.5 mm small frag screws with a washer. AP and lateral images showed appropriate hardware placement and no evidence of propagation of fracture. Due to still laxity of the kneecap and lateral tilting arthroscopically it was decided to perform a medial patellofemoral and capsular imbrication. This was performed at the superior medial border of the patella. Once this was completed a nice restraint to lateral displacement was felt after testing. Arthroscopic imaging of the patellofemoral joint showed that her tracking of the patellofemoral joint with flexion and extension

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