Removal of excess skin.

Doctor did a prepatellar bursectomy and also had to do an excision of excess skin and complex wound closure. The bursa that was removed was 12 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm.  I am not finding a code to reflect the additional work that was done.  Here is the excision of excess skin and complex wound closure section of the report. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.  

Wound was then copiously irrigated out with normal saline.  There was found to be excessive skin.  At
this time we made an ellipse of skin 12 cm x 4 cm to be removed.  This was sharply excised.
Sutures were placed subcutaneously to help hold the dead space closed.  We then closed the skin
using retention sutures to help evert the skin edges.  There was still plenty of excess skin
and the skin was not under excessive tension.  The length of this excision was 12 cm.  The
width was 4 cm.  Once wound was closed sterile dressing was placed compressive dressing was
placed and tourniquet was let down.  Patient was awakened by anesthesia to the PACU for

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