Provider enrollment basics

Do you have someone new in your practice who needs training on provider enrollment? Or a team that needs to refresh their learning? Join enrollment expert Gretchin Heckenlively during the two-hour webinar Provider Enrollment Basics: Set the Foundation for Successful Medicare Enrollment on July 10 (

You'll learn to:
1. Understand the key terms and definitions used in Medicare enrollment and how these definitions apply to the applications prepared
2. Know the definitions of provider and supplier to determine which enrollment form(s) should be used
3. Know how to use the Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) in lieu of completing paper forms
4. Understand how an organization’s business structure impacts the information that must be reported, and the documents required to make the proper disclosures
5. Receive resources to assist with the enrollment process
6. Know how to create a checklist of information needed to complete one of the most frequent enrollment scenarios

Avoid delaying payments for your providers' work! Join us for the webinar July 10 by signing up today at

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