Patient came into our office for a sick visit due to abnormal ekg, pt
was in atrial tach, full exam done then pt was hooked up to onitor and
iv and meds given, total time spent was over 90 minutes, can i bill for
a 99215 and 99291?

Sarah Tupper, CMC
Billing Supervisor
Mohawk Valley Cardiology, PC
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Utica, NY 13502
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  • No. If the patient was critical when he arrived then it should be one or the other.

    Camille Laabs, CPC
    Hospital Billing Team Lead
    Pulse Heart Institute/Cardiac Study Center
    1901 S Cedar St  Ste 301
    Tacoma WA  98405
    253-572-7320 ext 3049
  • What you describe is not 99291.. and 99291 would not be applicable in the office setting. Look at your prolonged service codes.

    Susan Ballinger CPC, CIRCC, CCC
  • edited May 2017
    99291 can't be billed in the office?, what if the pt was unstable
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