HI List,
anyone from upstate new york, medicar eis denying now for diag, any
thoughts?i cannot seem to find anything new on these

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  • We had the same trouble in Arkansas. We did find that the tobacco use code (Z72.0) did not work. We bill nicotine dependent (ex: F17.210) where appropriate and have not had denials with that diagnosis.
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    are these new codes? and is it for those who are currently smoking?or
    just to prevent from smoking
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    so by asymptomatic meaning smoking has not been proven the cause?
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    I guess i am just confused on when to use G0346 and when to use 99406
    or is one replacing the other?.i just wish i could find documentation
    from medicare regarding it
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    and also thank you all for your input today i value it greatly
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    That's great. Where specifically did you get it from? I'm not finding it on the web.

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    yes, F17.210 i believe is the code we are using
  • We are also using the F17.210 dx and saw denials at first but It was not because of the dx it was because it was with an E/M but found out we needed the 25 modifier on the E/M and all is good now.

    Anyone else?

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