Trisegmentectomy CPT code

Hi all,

I am in a dilemma trying to figure out what is the correct CPT code for this procedure. Does anyone know what code to use for a left upper lung trisegmentectomy AKA lingular sparing left upper lobectomy?

My alternatives are CPT 32480 and 32484.



  • Without seeing the report and based on what you have indicated you would use the 32480, removal ... single lobe (lobectomy)
    32484 , segmentectomy excision of a portion of any organ or gland.. is a more complex procedure.
  • I have a similar case that is a redo thoracotomy with an apical trisegmentectomy.  RUL vein was divided, superior divisions bronchus was clamped and transected with a knife.  The lingular segments were then transected fro mthe apical trisegments.  RUL trisegments were resected.  Would I still use 32480?

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