Anesthesia conference Oct 2-4, 2017 agenda preview


Here is the session list for this year's anesthesia conference. We'll be back in Las Vegas this year. The website should be up soon.

Anesthesia pre-conference Oct 2

Anesthesia 101 — a bonus for beginners session

Practice made perfect — improve workflow and cash flow for your anesthesia practice

Lighting fast denial management: fix anesthesia denials in a flash

Quality payment for anesthesia: make sure your providers and practice measure up.

Compliance made simple (and smart).

ICD-10-CM update for anesthesia

Anesthesia main conference Oct 3-4

Moderate sedation update: don’t sleep through these changes

It’s not unusual … to earn extra base units and pay for unusual anesthesia services

CRNAs and AAs: Report your anesthesia care team’s services for full pay

Monitored anesthesia care: make sure you can prove it before you do it.

Gain understanding to succeed at reporting endoscopic intestinal cases

Mother and child: Anesthesia for obstetric and pediatric care

Take heart and take on cardiovascular services

2017 review/2018 preview

Q & A
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