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Neurosurgery, billing for this prior to a surgery on a patient with Parkinson's submitted a 64999. The patient has been resistant to Medical therapy so they felt he was a candidate for deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus. (what I found below) Neuro experts??

At present, the procedure is used only for patients whose symptoms cannot be adequately controlled with medications.DBS uses a surgically implanted, battery-operated medical device called a neurostimulator—similar to a heart pacemaker and approximately the size of a stopwatch—to deliver electrical stimulation to targeted areas in the brain that control movement, blocking the abnormal nerve signals that cause tremor and PD symptoms. Before the procedure, a neurosurgeon uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scanning to identify and locate the exact target within the brain where electrical nerve signals generate the PD symptoms.

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Thank you! As far as I know, we have not tried to appeal this denial as the CPT 63051 is on the Inpatient only list for CMS, although the payer is not CMS but Aetna/UHC. 
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