RE: bronchiolitis.. 9 month old.. MDM RSIK

I am trying to defend my decision for low MDM vs. S/F MDM. I say bronchiolitis carries more than just a straight forward risk; 9 month old child Opinions please as MDM indicated supportive care and the patient had been responding to Tylenol but he did spend time going over all the signs and symptoms of what to look for and how to monitor for signs of worsening and breathing issues etc.. see below for the assessment and plan.
Assessment/Plan 1. Bronchiolitis Discussed this is likely bronchiolitis due to exam with characteristic cough and rhinorrhea. We opted not to swab for confirmation of RSV today since it would not change management. Since no respiratory distress, no history of albuterol usage, and no family history of asthma, we discussed that albuterol is not indicated at this time according to AAP Redbook. Discussed that symptoms typically peak on days 3-5 (currently day #3 from history) then slowly improve with a cough that can linger up to 4 weeks. Discussed signs of respiratory distress to monitor- retractions, nasal flaring, tachypnea (>60 breaths/min), cyanosis, wheezing and to take to ER should these symptoms develop in the night. Also discussed monitoring feeds for dehydration (
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