multiple EGDs within a year

Hi all,
I'm wondering if any of you are treating EOE by using the 6 food elimination diet for 6 weeks, repeating the EGD, then reintroducing each food one by one and repeating EGD after each food is reintroduced. So, a patient would potentially have 8 EGDs within a year.
My question is - I know there are not frequency guidelines on 43235 - could there potentially be problems with insurance covering the EGD this often? If you are currently using this treatment plan, are you having any problems with insurance?

Thanks for your help!!

Chris Kraft
Digestive Disease Consultants
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  • We've not experienced any issues as long as the DX used supports the procedure..


    Dena Rumisek
    Grand River Gastroenterology PC
    Grand River Endoscopy Center
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