CPT 92941

I have a medicare patient that was in post-op period of having prostate surgery. He began experiencing chest pain while still in hospital so an echo was done & determined he needed a heart cath w/intervention.  Dr. did LHC w/angiograph, RT & LT angiography, PTCA of proximal LAD for 90% stenosis with balloon angioplasty & stent, PTCA of lst diagnonal for 80% stenosis with balloon & stent placement X2; 3rd lesion was mid LAD with 70% stenosis. Used pressure-derived flow reserve measurement & attempted balloon angioplasty X3 but could not open enough for stent placement.  Plan is to bring patient back at later time for PCI of circumflex for 80% stenosis & possible mid anterior descending in 4 weeks.  Diagnosis was Non ST elevated myocardial infarction & acute coronary syndrome.  This was coded 93458-26-59, 92941-LD, 92941-59-LD & 93571.  Can 92941 be coded twice for LAD & for diagonal?  Should we have used 92928 & 92929 instead of 92941.  It has been awhile since I have done cardiology, just need someone else's opinion.  Did we miss any other coding?
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