Infusion Management

Patients often get infusions at the infusion center - chemotherapy for cancer, IVIG or other meds for autoimmune diseases, iron for anemia, etc.  Of course, the hospital bills insurance a facility fee for the space, resources, nurse time, etc.  And, insurance gets billed for the medication itself.  To get the infusion, patients need orders placed by a physician.  Often, these orders are done (and/or tweaked, and/or logistical issues addressed) outside of an actual office visit/encounter.  They take time, energy, resources in our offices.

Are there some type of E&M codes that can be used for that?  That is, how can physicians get reimbursed/generate RVU’s for what I’ll call “infusion management”, independent of another encounter/visit?

Are you aware of any coding/charge capture, modifier,  that can be done for the referring physicians time in establishing the infusion logistics for patients going to an infusion center

Thanks for any assistance,

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