Subcapital neck fracture

Patient has a THR do to a subcapital  fracture.  Would this be reported with cpt code 27236 or 27130?  I'm finding conflicting information and need something in writing.  Thanks for the help


  • Per code description of 27236 from Decision Health: The patient's fractured femoral neck at the hip is repaired using an open approach. The fracture is either treated with plates and screws or with a prosthetic implant. The prosthetic implant would be a replacement of the femoral head only. Not a total joint arthroplasty.

    CPT code 27130 would be for a THR.

  • Thank  you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If doing a total hip even though this is for a fracture you would bill it as 27130.  27236 is only appropriate if you are doing a hemiarthroplasty for repair of the fracture.
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