Temporary THR

Hi,  I have a question about temporary hip replacement codes.  I have a provider who removed a temporary THR and is placing another temporary THR.   He wants to code 27091/11983.  But I don't think that captures the replacement of the acetabular and femoral components. How would you all code the following?

1.     Removal temporary left total hip replacement via posterior approach and its associated antibiotic cement.

2.  Irrigation, debridement and complete synovectomy.

3.  Repeat placement of a temporary left total hip replacement with antibiotic cement using a Zimmer all-poly acetabular component for 36 mm bearing, and a DePuy size 2 fracture stem with a 36 mm diameter femoral head, +5 mm neck length using Palacos cement containing tobramycin and vancomycin.

Thank you!


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