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I have a provider wanting to bill 27619 for removing 1.5-2 cm of muscle fibers from the peroneus brevis muscle belly. This gives me pause as the code description states "excision, tumor, soft tissue of leg or ankle area, subfascial". Anyone have any thoughts or feed back on this? Below is part of the op note. He has also coded 27680 to be billed.

"I exposed the peroneus brevis and peroneus longus tendons. I do note that there is very significant tenosynovitis present. The tenosynovium is thickened and takes up quite a bit of volume in the tendon sheath. Also note the peroneus brevis muscle belly proceeds down past the tip of the fibula. I sharply debride the tenosynovium away from the tendons utilizing combination of scalpel and scissors. I then utilized combination of the scalpel and scissors to debride the peroneus brevis muscle belly back up approximately a centimeter above the tip of the lateral malleolus, removing all-in-all, perhaps 1.5 cm to 2 cm of muscle fibers. The wound was then irrigated out with copious amounts of normal saline."


  • How did you bill this and did you get paid?  I've got the same situation.  Physician giving me 27630 for the excision and 27680 for the tenosynovectomy.  I've been finding to use unlisted 27599 for the muscle belly excision.  Thank you,

  • Meant to state unlisted as 27899 not 27599
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