Dr. is giving me 28730.  Would you agree? 

Procedure: Dissection carried out lateral to the anterior tibialis & medial to the neurovascular bundle. The navicular cuneiform dislocation was identified. This was debrided. The navicular cuneiform joint was then reduced & held with a K-wire. A second incision was placed over the lateral midfoot. The cuneiform & articulation joint of the navicular were exposed with laminar spreaders. The articular cartilage removed using a ring curette. The subchondral bone was then drilled. Crushed cancellous chips were then prepared and spread evenly into the joint with infuse allograft. A Wright medical 4-hold claw plate was placed over the cuneiform and navicular was drilled & filled with locking screws. 

I see 28737 but there is no tendon lengthening being done.   Thank you,


  • Was there an additional joint that was fused?  From the excerpt you included I only see one single joint arthrodesis (the navicular cuneiform joint), therefore 28740 would be appropriate.  I would not suggest using 28737 because as part of the code descriptor it states "with tendon lengthening and advancement" making it a required part of the procedure performed in order to report that code.  Hope that helps.

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