CMC arthroplasty 25447

I am trying to figure out when you can use 25310 or 26480  with 25447. Does the use of the codes 25310 or 26480 depend on where the tendon came from or where it ended up being transferred to?


  • Second request. Does anyone have official documentation that tells us when to use 25310 with 25447 or 26480 with 25447. I think it's the Dec 2005 CPT assistant that says we can use one or the other but how do you determine which code to use? Any help is appreciated.
  • 1/1/2005 CPT Assistant explains how the work of a Suspension Arthroplasty (a variation of interpositional CMC Arthroplasty) requires additional surgical work. It's copyrighted material so I won't post. If you can't find it on your own can you give me an email or fax#?
  • I've looked at that. I used to think that if a tendon was transferred from the wrist forearm to the CMC joint that it would be code 25310 and if it was harvested from the dorsum of the hand it would be 26480 but I saw something posted where a question was asked about a volar forearm harvest of a tendon transferred to the CMC area would be code 26480. I'm trying to clear up any confusion I have regarding when I would use 25310 and when I would bill 26480..
  • I am still looking for official documentation that spells out when we should use 25310 and when we should use 26480 with 25447. Can anyone help? Thanks
  • Good morning the code description for 26480 is from the cmc area or dorsum of hand; 25310 from forearm and/or wrist.  The volar forearm is not the dorsum of the hand or the cmc area, I would assign CPT code 25310 for the forearm and/or wrist.
  • The hand society (ASSH) says you would use the code based on where the tendon is transferred to-not the origin. 
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