What is the CPT for resection arthroplasty hip ?  Pt has septic arthritis and the procedures are irrigation & debridement (26990); placement of antibiotic spacer(11981); and resection arthroplasty(?)  .  Can anyone help with that last code? Thank you,


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    Look at 27091

    Christy Hill, CCS-P
  • Would you bill 27091 only?  I have an older Coding Companion(2016) that states I&D is included and the code itself states with or without spacer. 

  • Does the patient already have a total hip placed or are they resecting the primary joint?
  • I just realized that this patient has not had a total hip yet. He has septic arthritis. So, I need a different code than 27091.  Do you have any other ideas on the resection code for this situation?What do you think of 27122?  Thank you,

  • Yeah I agree with the 27122. I cant tell you how much research Ive done on these situations. I have one MD who specializes in infected joints and infected totals.
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