Postero-Laternal Corner Reconstruction

Good afternoon, would like to know if there is anyone proficient in coding for postero-lateral corner knee reconstruction. I'm confused on coding for reconstruction of the popliteal tendon, along with the lateral collateral ligament & popliteal fibular ligament.  I believe the LCL & PCL are extra-articular for CPT code 27427 & totally confused on the popliteal tendon  .  Please reach out if I could ask you questions on. Thank you Jody


  • Please help is able to, I really need help with.  MD is coding 27429 for repair of the LCL/PFL & the popliteal tendon stating popliteal tendon intra-articular, not understanding how this would make as intra-articular ligament reconstruction. Is there a separate code for popliteal tendon reconstruction?  Thank you Jody

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