Spine Surgery ILIF Fusion Coding Question

My doctor is calling this procedure an ILIF –interlaminar instrumented fusion but is coding it as 22612 Posterior Fusion, 20931 for structural allograft, and 22840 for the placement of instrumentation.

 Our provider performed a very small incision and did a decompression without a discectomy

He then used an H-shaped structural allograft which was placed in the interlaminar space of the lumbar

He then took some demineralized bone matrix bone graft material and placed that in the interspinous space as well as the graft lamina interface

Then he used the X-spine axle fixation system which was clamped onto that same level.

 I would like to double check the Fusion code as well as the fixation code. 

I’ve read some payer policies that list these ILIFs as unlisted 22899 but im not sure if they are talking about the fusion or the fixation device.

2 other coding resources have pointed me to 22867 insertion of interlaminar stabilization device wo fusion which I disagree with since there is a fusion taking place.  Unless we can add a modifier for the fusion portion I just don’t know if that makes sense.


Attached is  part of his op report

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