CPT code 28297 w/28310

I am hoping someone can help me work through this-doc wants to bill the above codes however he made 1 incision and also performed additional tarsal fusions. My struggle is with the separate procedure designation assigned to 28310-would adding a toe modifier help? I know there was some information when the hallux valgus codes were updated-was there anything regarding the phalanx osteotomy?  Thanks for any help anyone can offer!


  • Take a look at the December 2016 CPT Assistant, where it lays out exactly what's included in code 28297. First on the list: Removal of bone from the medial aspect of the first metatarsal head. So your instincts are correct that 28310 would not be separately reportable!
  • Hey Michelle,

    Do you have an op note for this procedure? 
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