Is this revision of "both" components?  Do I need mod 52 since only the femoral head and not the whole component is replaced?

thank you,


  • The current thought is that it is considered two components.  There are mixed thoughts on whether it is a full revision.  In my opinion, it is not a full revision.  The risk of removing and replacing either component is much less if we aren't doing the stem on the femoral side.  Quite frankly, the head had to come off to do the acetabular revision anyway so I believe the driving force is whether the femoral head was replaced because there was also an issue with the femoral component or was it replaced because 1 we had to remove it to get to the acetabulum and 2 because we changed the size of the acetabular component so we had to change the size of the femoral component to accomodate that.  If that is the case then I see this as a revision of the acetabular component only.
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