Assistant Surgeon

Our spine surgeon recently left our practice to start his own, and is now having a billing company bill for him.  His assistant, who is a neurosurgeon, is still part of our group so we do his billing.  Our problem is that the spine surgeon was not always so accurate with his codes and we often had to correct his errors before we billed.  We are seeing what he intends to bill because the neurosurgeon gets a copy of that and the op note so he can also bill.  We don't have contact with the spine surgeon or his billing company so we don't know if they are correcting the same type of errors that we did.  All we know is that the codes he is giving the neuro to bill are not all correct.  Does anyone know if the surgeon's claim and the assistants claim would ever be matched up in the payers system?  If so, will they pay both even if the codes are different?  This is a conundrum!!
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