Bone marrow aspirate for fusion

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What is the appropriate CPT code for bone marrow harvest(calcaneal autograft) for a MTP fusion. The revised text on Pg 114(2018) says "For aspiration of bone marrow for the purpose of bone grafting, other than spine surgery and other therapeutic musculoskeletal application, use 20999". What is 20999 compared to?

Operative report reads "An oblique 1 cm incision was made over the lateral aspect of the os calcis with blunt dissection carried down to bone. With soft tissue cleared the bone marrow harvesting drill was passed one time to find adequate graft. The marrow was packed within the arthrodesis site prior to fixation for good fill." 

In the past, we used CPT 38220 for bone marrow aspirate and the description for that has now changed.

Any input or suggestion is appreciated. 

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Barbara Butler, CPC, CGSC, CPMA

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