Right shoulder arthroscopic rotator repair equivalent using bovine achilles?

We billed 29827 for a "Right shoulder arthroscopic rotator repair equivalent using bovine Achilles allograft bio-inductive implant".  Optum reviewed the op note and denied stating documentation does not support 29827.

"We then proceeded with a Bovine Achilles allograft augmentation for her partial-thickness supraspinatus tear. The rotation medical medium bovine Achilles allograft was opened and prepared in a standard fashion.  The graft was inserted through the lateral acromial portal and deployed. Through a separate anterolateral clear cannula, the bioabsorbable PLLA staples were then used to fix the graft anteriorly, medially, and posteriorly. The graft holding device was then removed from the lateral acromial portal. The graft was then fixed with 2 bioabsorbable PLLA staples laterally.  I did not feel this required any PEEK bone tendon staples. The final arthroscopic images were obtained confirming a stable bio-inductive implant augmentation".

Should this be billed with an unlisted code instead of 29827?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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