Billing Arthroscopic Debridements with other Arthroscopic codes

My surgeon mentioned that it has been successfully lobbied to get arthroscopic shoulder debridement codes (29822 and 29823) unbundled and paid with other arthroscopic shoulder codes (29827, 29828, etc.) I cannot find anything on this. Has anyone else heard this?

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  • Thank you, Rhonda. I will be looking for these NCCI edit changes in July.

    Delynn Merrick, CPC
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    Only the edits for 29823 are to be deleted, not for 29822.
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    This will actually start on July 1st correct? 
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    Yes but at this time the written guidelines have not been changed and it is just codes 29827, 29828 and 29824 with unbundling of 29823
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    We bill it to Medicare so they can deny it. If they have a secondary that might pay it, you have to run it through Medicare. I would submit them all, just be sure you write off denials and don’t accidentally bill the patients. Just my opinion.
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