63047 w/22630 or 22633

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Good morning all,
I have shared Chapter 4 of the CCI with my spine surgeon regarding the bundling of 63042 and 63047 with 22630/22633.
He vehemently disagrees (weekly) but I told him there's nothing we can do. Unless the decompression is at a different level it isn't billable to Medicare.

He asked this morning if I would reach out to the coding community to see if the CCI edit has been overturned.
Anyone hear anything different about this situation ?



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    They have not been over-turned but tell him to write into CCI and given
    them reason why it should be over-turned. He can contact them (really anyone
    can) and ask for changes.

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    I understand that works for commercial carriers, it’s the ones that follow CCI that are frustrating.
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