3rd Request - can someone please help?

According to the CT findings, the patient has had a comminuted ununited distal clavicle fracture. The date of injury is several years old.

Not sure if the CPT code should be for a claviculectomy (23120), open treatment of clavicular fracture (23515) or osteotomy (23480). The diagnosis is nonunion of fracture.

The physician indicates the distal clavicle fracture and acromioclavicular joint were exposed, then removed loose bodies, cut into the bone to make it align nicely, smoothed with a rasp and aligned and waxed the distal end of clavicle. How showed this be coded?

Your help is appreciated.


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    re:23480 They are simply used to remove the fibrous material in the
    non-union. If an osteotomy had been performed, the operative note would
    have described the use of osteotome or [...]
    I lean towards the 23515 because it was a fracture...just non-union


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