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Is it appropriate to report both 73502 and 72170 on same claim? I’m reading conflicting information and would appreciate some clarification. Thanks.

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You don't know they aren't going to return. If you provided the treatment with the plan to follow up at the time billed you followed the "rules". From a practice management standpoint you could do a follow up call to the patient to check on their status and remind they were to return. And document it.

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On Apr 27, 2016, at 1:05 PM, Mcdonald, Keith wrote:
How do you handle a patient that you provide a global fracture care (23500) and the patient does not show up for post-op visits? Can you still report global code?

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page three...excluded from billing

10 - General Exclusions from Coverage (Rev. 198, Issued: 11-06-14, Effective: 01-01-15, Implementation: 01-05-15) No payment can be made under either the hospital insurance or supplementary medical insurance program for certain items and services, when the following conditions exist: - Not reasonable and necessary (§20); - No legal obligation to pay for or provide (§40); - Paid for by a governmental entity (§50); - Not provided within United States (§60); - Resulting from war (§70); - Personal comfort (§80); - Routine services and appliances (§90); - Custodial care (§110); - Cosmetic surgery (§120); - Charges by immediate relatives or members of household (§130); - Dental services (§140); - Paid or expected to be paid under workers’ compensation (§150); - Non-physician services provided to a hospital inpatient that were not provided directly or arranged for by the hospital (§170); - Services Related to and Required as a Result of Services Which are not Covered Under Medicare (§180); - Excluded foot care services and supportive devices for feet (§30); or, - Excluded investigational devices (See Chapter 14).


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Help me out list serve, as I have lost the email and need the documentation.

I have a doc that thinks he can bill his family members - especially when they are Medicare beneficiaries.

I know that it is unethical and I am telling him the same regardless the carrier.


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    Uh, No.If you did a lateral left hip with an AP pelvis that equals 2 views CPT code NO separate pelvis code 72170.

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