Smith-Petersen osteotomy (22214) w/decompression at same level?

Dr. is billing for Smith-Petersen osteotomy (22214) at L3-L4 and billing for laminectomy with decompression (63047)at same level. I didn't think this was appropriate but I cannot find anything saying that you cannot bill this with a modifier 59.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!


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    When I put in in AAPC coder, it states the 63047 is bundled with 22214.
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    Per AAOS GSD, 63047 is included with 22214 when done at the same level. It would not be appropriate to use the 59 modifier for work done at same level. If the laminectomy was done at a different level, then you could use the modifier 59 per CCI edits.

    Sandi Hamrick, CPC
    Toledo Orthopaedic Surgeons
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