Stereotactic guidance for spinal procedures (CPT 61783)

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Can anyone provide guidance on "appropriate primary" codes that should be billed with the add-on code 61783 for stereotactic guidance during a spinal procedure? We are getting denials for inappropriate primary but cannot find guidance from CPT, AAPC or anywhere else. The latest denial was for 61783 billed with 22327 and 22842.

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    Is it appropriate to report add-on code 61783 for navigation using an image-guided method (eg, Stealth StationÔ navigation) with any of the spinal decompression codes (eg, 63030, 63042, or 63047)?


    No. Code 61783 is not applicable for the spinal decompression codes (63030, 63042, and 63047) as it is not intended for decompression of degenerative spine disease or disc displacement. Code 61783 describes navigation in he spinal region using an image-guided method (including Stealth StationÔ) to identify anatomy for precise treatments and avoidance of vital structures. Examples of its use in the spine include the placement of fixation devices requiring precision (eg, C1-C2 screws) or a complex tumor resection. To further clarify, the application of the procedure described by code 61783 to the spine is to help identify anatomy and, more specifically, to aid with instrumentation placement or other complex procedures. Code 61783 is not to be reported with simple decompression codes (63001-63051) .


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  • Thank you. I actually saw this when I was personally researching this, but I'm not reporting any spinal decompression codes.
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