Help with transbaffle puncture, stent placement in atrial septum

Can anyone help with this cath? The note states - "Using TEE guidance, we performed a transbaffle puncture from the inferior baffle into the right atrial portion of the pulmonary venous baffle. We elected to proceed with stent of the atrial septum. The stent was prepped. the sheath is position across the IVC, into the right atrium, across the atrial septum, and into the left atrial or pulmonary venous chamber. The stent is positioned across the atrial septum.

I am at a loss for what to code for this stent placement and if there is any code for a transbaffle puncture. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Do your docs use voice recognition software? Are you sure they aren’t saying transseptal puncture?

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  • Not that I know of. I am going off the transcribed report!

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    I had toresearch this (mostly because I haven't done cardio billing before) but there are lots of references to transbaffle - probably just a difference in terminology/dialect
  • a baffle is a like a tunnel, it's usually created to redirect blood flow


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