Spine Procedure Question??

The dx is Chronic L1 burst fx with kyphosis, scoliosis.
Procedures are T12 to L2 Laminectomy, T12 to L2 Smith Peterson Osteotomy, T10 to L4 Pedicle screw instrumentation with Synthes/Depuy Expedium system, and a T10 to T4 Posterolateral fusion with autograft and allograft.

I billed for the Smith Peterson Osteotomy beginning at the T12 Cpt 22610, and then add't levels 22216, (laminectomy included in this so not billed separate) and Posterolateral fusion Cpt 22610, and additional levels 22614. Instrumentation Cpt 22843, allograft 20931 and autograft 20936.
Question? Physician is wanting to bill for reduction of fx L1 also but this is at same segment of osteotomy. Is this billable??
Any help greatly appreciated.


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    Any help on this one appreciated??
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    I think you made a typo on the code for Smith Peterson Osteotomy - shouldn't
    it be 22212 or 22214? Never used those codes before, however 22610 is a
    thoracic posterior fusion. If you give me the correct code for the
    osteotomy and the code the surgeon wants to use for the reduction of L1
    fracture, I'll see if they bundled in CCI edits. 
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    Yes sorry typo 22212 for the Smith Peterson Osteotomy.
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    What's the CPT code for the reduction of L1 fracture?
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