Good morning all!
We have a Family Practice doc renting a suite at our facility and he would like us to perform xrys for him as he does not have that equipment. There are many opinions as how to bill for this.

1. Bill the Family Practice physician a set amount monthly for performing the service and he could bill both the technical and professional components.

2. My opinion is we should bill the xry with a TC mod on it and the Family Practice doc would bill it with the 26 mod on it as we will not be reading them for him we will just be performing the xry.

Can anyone point us in the right direction as how to bill for theses xrys.
Thanks so much!


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    I think that it is more technically correct to use #2 system. But, that said, we do however have a radiologist who comes in who interprets our MRI's and he charges us a "per click" fee for each MRI he reads for all patients except Medicare. For a Medicare patient he bills the 26 component and we bill the TC. You can probably do that if you want to, but it's messy to keep track of it if you aren't doing it for everyone, and still make sure all the Medicare patients are billed correctly. #1 plan can't be used for Medicare patient as the doctor performing the interpretation has to bill separately unless they are part of you tax ID. Hope that helps, and it's just what I have noticed. 
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