10140 vs 11043

Maybe 27301 but op note says did not involved the joint?
Incision was made medial to the patella along the knee and the dissection was carried down through subcutaneous tissue to the capsule. There was collection of yellow fluid that was encountered and was drained. Tissue was taken from the lining of the fluid collection and sent for cultures. A rongeur, scalpel and curette were used to excise any infected or noviabe tissue down to the level of the deep fascia and muscle. The fluid pocket involved the medial aspect of the knee over the vastus muscle. It did not involve the joint.
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    Knee infection/abscess
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    27301 does not involve opening the joint so you should be able to use it. From what I read on code 10140, it does not involve debridement, just the drainage.
    As far as 11043, it has measurement requirements that are not documented.

    Sandi Hamrick, CPC
    Toledo Orthopaedic Surgeons 
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    Okay. I thought maybe 27301 did involve the joint but now I see it just states thigh or knee region and doesn’t say arthrotomy. Thank you so much. I have such trouble with the I&D codes. 
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    Oh thank you, I just have to say, I hate I&D's! There aren't enough good codes, I can't get my surgeons to remember to give size or depth most of the time, etc.; UGH!
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    I hear ya!
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    They are not among my favorite surgeries to code either! In fact, when I&D's come across my desk, my initial reaction is also UGH! 
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