Arthroscopic debridement of right ankle lateral talar and debridement of anterior bony spurs

I need help coding this. Can I code 29891 and 29898 for below op note? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

The leg was elevated, exsanguinated with Esmarch, and a thigh tourniquet raised to 275 mmHg. An anteromedial portal was placed with an 11-blade followed by a mosquito and a blunt trocar into the joint. Camera was introduced and exam showed red synovitis throughout the anterior joint with an anterior tibial and dorsomedial talar bony spurs. Anterolateral portal was made with a spinal needle followed by 11-blade, mosquito, and trocar into the joint. 2.5 full-radius shaver was placed and debridement of the anterior soft tissues was performed. A 3.0 bur was placed and debridement of the anterior tibial spur and dorsomedial talar spurs was performed. The shaver was reintroduced to clean up the synovium created. Also, the anterolateral impingement lesion with the hypertrophic AITFL ligament and synovium was debrided.
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