G0289 Multiple Procedure Reduction Apply?

Does the multiple procedure reduction apply to G0289? Is this classified as an "add-on" code. Aetna is applying multiple procedure reduction to this code.

Any help is greatly appreciated as always!


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    Use G codes to represent temporary procedures and professional services.
    Medicare covers G codes for services that replace CPT® codes.

    This is an add on code that must be reported with an appropriate primary
    procedure. Report it only once per extra compartment regardless of the
    amount of work the provider performs within that compartment, i.e.,
    retrieval of foreign bodies, removal of loose bodies, and or debridement.
    Appropriate primary procedures include 29874
    , Arthroscopy, knee, surgical;
    for removal of loose body or foreign body, eg, osteochondritis dissecans
    fragmentation, chondral fragmentation, and 29877
    , Arthroscopy, knee, surgical;
    debridement or shaving of articular cartilage, chondroplasty.

    Report this code only for Medicare patients unless another payer indicates
    it will reimburse this code.
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