I11.9 vs I51.7

sorry for so many questions today, we have 2 new Nurse Practioners and
the Dr told them to chose diag code I11.9 hypertensive heart disease if
the pt has LVH by Echo.
why would they not just choose I51.7?

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    If they have HTN and LV Hypertrophy - I generally will use the I11.9
    If the provider merely dictates LV Hypertrophy (and doesn't mention the HTN component) - I generally will use the I51.7

    You can have LV Hypertrophy caused by either CV disease or HTN - therefore my ICD10 selection is based on what the documentation will support.

    That's my thought.....have a great day.

    Pam Leslie
  • I11.9 is less specific than I51.7. If the specificity of the patient's disease is known and is LVH use I51.1. As in the old days, codes ending .9 should be avoided if possible,

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