Advice on Balloon Assessment of RVOT only - please help!

Can anyone help with what code, if any, would be appropriate for a balloon assessment of the RVOT? It appears they were just sizing for the pulmonary valve, but no pulmonary valve was placed and nothing else was done, other than the heart cath and the balloon assessment.The physician wants to charge an angioplasty of the pulmonary artery for the assessment. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.

Below is that part of the heart cath:

Intervention — Balloon Assessment of the RVOT: An 0.035" Amplatzer super stiff wire was positioned in the distal left pulmonary artery, lower lobe brach. A 30mm x 4cm sizing balloon was prepped and advanced over the wire and positioned across the right ventricular outflow tract. The first inflation was slightly distal, and had no waist on the 30mm balloon, with to-fro movement of the balloon in the RVOT. A second inflation was done with the balloon positioned more proximally, and again there was no waist on the 30mm balloon with a to-fro motion of the balloon on the wire, suggesting that the balloon was not occlusive in the RVOT.


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