I still can't find the procedure(s) code for the above.  Does anyone know it? We don't bill to insurance but I need some kind of code to bill the patient.  Any ideas what to use?  thanks,

Thank you,


  • How about 20600-20611?
  • Haven't seen that term.  What is it and what medication are you putting in??
  • I looked online and it looks similar to a stem cell injection which is 0232T.  If you aren't billing insurance and you probably shouldn't, you can make up any code.  Just be sure it doesn't get dropped to a claim accidentally.
  • If you are doing it as part of another procedure and the IRAP is done to aid in the post-operative healing process it may be a a bundled component of the original procedure and not separately billable - even to the patient.
  • Good to know.  Thanks Laura!
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