Fracture fixation with revision total hip

A patient sustains a periprosthetic femur fracture and is treated with a revision of the total hip with the use of cable around the fracture site.  The surgeon wants to add 27244 for the fracture fixation with the revision code, which they are not CCI edits, however I hesitate as not a plate/screw type implant.  I realize it would add to the difficulty of the revision but it seems like it is part of the femoral revision.  I have been unable to find any guidance in my google search.  Does anyone know if it is separately billable?


  • Well, the 27244 code descriptor does say "with plate/screw type implant" so I would not recommend additional coding of 27244. Remember the surgeon will have to prove medical necessity, maybe the revision code with modifier 22 would work.
  • Another thought could modifier 52 be assigned to CPT code 27244 for reduced service, not completing the full code description of plate/screw implant?  Curious to hear peoples thoughts.

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