Hand Coder, can you help please?

DIAGNOSIS:  EDC to index, long, ring and small and EIP tendon lacerations at level of 4th dorsal compartment

PROCEDURE:  Extensor tenolysis, EDC to index with EIP repair with intercalary palmaris autograft, EDC to long and ring repair in composite with intercalaray palmaris autograft

Provider billed 25275 x 4 but it appears this code is once per hand (?) and this is for a diagnosis of extensor carpi ulnaris subluxation

Any help or thoughts is greatly appreciated!


  • It seems that a repair was done, if primary then 25270 for each tendon with 20924 for the autograft.
    If secondary then 25274 for each tendon repaired. Tenolysis would be inclusive to the repair.
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