Extensive debridement (29823)?

I know that AAOS defines extensive debridement as chondroplasty OR multiple soft tissue structures and they give the example of multiple soft tissue structures as labrum, subscapularis and supraspinatus. Do you have to have at least 3 structures to be considered extensive?

We billed the following as 29823 and the insurance said it was not documented as being performed.  I am thinking of appealing 29823 stating multiple soft tissues were debrided (rotator cuff & labrum) but don't know if a minimum of 3 structures must be done to constitute 29823.  The other option would be to change to 29822

"The labrum revealed some tearing posteriorly and anteriorly-superiorly.  The unstable areas were debrided The articular side of the superior rotator cuff revealed shallow undersurface tearing that were debrided"

Any help/thoughts are greatly appreciated


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