Can navicular medial & middle cuneiform arthrodeses (28737) be billed twice?

Can 28737 (Arthrodesis, with tendon lengthening and advancement, midtarsal, tarsal navicular-cuneiform (eg, Miller type) be billed x 2?

Left navicular medial cuneiform arthrodesis and left navicular middle cuneiform arthrodesis was done in addition to left 2nd & 3rd TMT arthrodesis (28730).

I see that 28730 is for "multiple" but not 28737.  Provider has billed 28737 and 28737-59 and 28737-59 has denied.  Just want to make sure this should only be billed once before trying to appeal.

Any help is greatly appreciated as always! 


  • 28737 has a MUE of "1" with an MAI of "2", so this can only be billed once per day. I would also double check that 28737 is supported. If arthrodesis alone was performed w/o tendon lengthening and advancement then this would be coded to 28730.
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