CPT code for Arthroscopically Assisted Percutaneous Fixation of Subchondral Iinsufficiency fracture

Does anyone know the correct code for Arthroscopically Assisted Percutaneous Fixation of Subchondral Insufficiency fracture?

Op note states "Under fluoroscopic guidance, a small stab incision was made along the medial femoral condyle and a drill was inserted into the medial femoral condyle with taking care to be sure the fenestrations in the drill were past the outer cortical bone.  The drill guide was positioned directly over the subchondral insufficiency fracture and 2 vials of the Zimmer Biomet AccuFill were inserted into the bone surrounding the fracture".

Any help is greatly appreciated as always!


  • It sounds like a subchondroplasty, which is coded as unlisted.

    Jan 2014 CPT Assistant

    "Question: What Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code should be reported for a subchondroplasty procedure of the knee?

    Answer: The subchondroplasty procedure is a minimally invasive repair designed to treat subchondral bone defects associated with chronic bone marrow lesions by filling them with a bone-substitute material. There is no specific CPT code that accurately describes this service; therefore, unlisted code 27599Unlisted procedure, femur or knee, should be reported.

    When reporting an unlisted code to describe a procedure or service, it is necessary to submit supporting documentation (eg, procedure report) along with the claim to provide an adequate description of the nature, extent, and need for the procedure, and the time, effort, and equipment necessary to provide the service."

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