Removal of patellar component w/patellectomy & internal bracing

This patient had TKA 6 months ago. The patella is now loose with pulling away of 2 fragment of the patella, both of them small and not usable for a new patella or component.  Diagnosis given is loose patella component with nonunion patellar fracture.

Brief description: patella component was removed without difficulty. One of the patellar fragments was smoothed. We trimmed up some of the edges. I retained this for helping to repair our patellar tendon. The other one was thin and necrotic looking & this was incised. We used some FiberWire to reapproximate some of the distal patellar tendon to decrease the thinned out the gap where the patella was before. We placed Arthrex FiberTape through the superior quadriceps tendon around our small remaining fragment which we felt would help give support. WE placed 2 anchors into the tibial plateau to help as a dynamic internal splint.

I'm looking at 27488 and 27350 but not sure about what to use for the internal bracing.  Can 27488 be used for 1 component and would internal bracing be included in 27350?  Can anyone help?

Thank you,


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